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Amazing Andaman

6th November 2015

Andaman… A very part of India also being called Mini India, situated far away in Bay of Bengal. Its Amazing to me as a indian because its not like India. People are same but not the thinking. I haven’t seen such a beautiful, clean and disciplined land before.

A trip to Andaman is always a pleasant and joyful experience. I met so many people who visited Andaman and haven’t got any bad review so far. Its because of Helpful nature of people over there.

I will be sharing Best locations to visit, My experiences and Contacts in this post.

Going from Pune

It very easy to Book flights with Kesarinandan Travels. There are only flights to Andaman (Port Blair) from Chennai and Kolkatta. So get your connecting flights. It took me Rs. 21,000 per head for return journey from Pune.

Things to Note:

There is no proper network connectivity in Andaman. There are only 3 carriers: BSNL, Airtel and Vodafone. All are 2G except recently launched BSNL’s slow 3G.

Best way to navigate would be offline google maps. Make sure you have paper maps ready with you before leaving and you target locations starred on it.

Places I Visited:

Main Island

Marina Park (3/5)
North Bay Island – Scuba Diving (5/5)
Cellular Jail (4/5)
Anthropological Museum (4/5)
Samudrika Naval Marine Museum (3.5/5)
Corbyn’s Cove Beach (2/5)
Wandoor Beach (3/5)
Chidia Tapu – Zoo (4/5)
Chatham Island – Forest Wooden Museum (4/5)

Red Skin Island (5/5)

Ross Island (4.5/5)

Havelock Island

Radhanagar Beach, Havelock (5/5)
Kaala Pathar Beach, Havelock (4/5)
Barefoot Scuba, Havelock (4/5)

Places I missed

Limestone Caves
Baratang Island


Port Blair Rickshaw: Dasharath (9933274695)

Travel and Staying in havelock: Rehmatullah (9476082785 / 9476013379 / 9932135492)

Entrepreneur | Hardcore Programmer | Tech Enthusiastic | Amateur Photographer | Sahaja Meditator

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